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Updating Windows Server 2003

Any standard Windows Server 2003 installation supports the Automatic Updates feature, which allows Windows Server 2003 to periodically check the Windows Update Web site for available updates, download these updates, and install them on your server. To be compatible with this feature, the Virtuozzo Containers installation configures the Windows Automatic Updates feature in such a way as to be able to automatically connect to the Virtuozzo Update Center instead of the Windows Update site and download Windows updates from this center.

All Windows updates in the Virtuozzo Update Center are checked for their compatibility with the Virtuozzo Containers software and can be fearlessly installed on your Node. However, to be consistent with new Windows updates, the Virtuozzo Containers software may (and usually does) undergo some slight changes. It means that only those Windows updates can be downloaded and installed on your server that are compatible with your current version of Virtuozzo Containers. To be sure you have the latest Windows updates, you should update your Virtuozzo Containers software at regular intervals. Detailed information on Virtuozzo Containers updates is provided in the Updating Virtuozzo Containers Software subsection.

Thus, the Windows Server 2003 update procedure might look as follows.

  1. The latest Virtuozzo Containers updates are downloaded and installed on your Hardware Node, which may be done by manually running the Virtuozzo Update wizard or enabling the automatic update of Virtuozzo Containers software (for more information see the previous section).
  2. The Windows Automatic Update service connects to the Virtuozzo Update Center and downloads the corresponding Windows update to the Node.

    Note: Please make sure that the Windows Automatic Update service is turned on on the Hardware Node; otherwise, you will not be able to download Windows Server 2003 updates.

  3. After you have confirmed the installation, the Windows update is installed on the Node.

When deploying Windows Server 2003 updates on your Hardware Nodes, please keep in mind the following:

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