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Parallels Virtuozzo Command Line Interface

This chapter documents the utilities supported in the current version of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Windows. For every utility, all available command-line options are described.

All the Parallels Virtuozzo utilities are supposed to be run on the Hardware Node by using the cmd.exe command interpreter, which can be opened by selecting Start --> Run and executing the cmd command. There are a number of regulations which should be observed while working in the command prompt window. One of such rules would be to enclose in quote marks any parameter consisting of two or more words (e.g. "C:\Program Files"). Please consult the Microsoft Command-line reference to learn the rules of working in the command prompt window.

The Virtuozzo command-line utilities can be subdivided into the following categories: general utilities, licensing utilities, Container migration utilities, Container backup utilities, template management utilities, and supplementary utilities.

General utilities are intended for performing day-to-day maintenance tasks:


Utility to control Containers.


Utility to view a list of Containers existing on the Node with additional information.


Utility to control Virtuozzo disk quotas.

Licensing utilities allow loading new license files and viewing the state of the license:


Utility to show the Virtuozzo license status and parameters.


Virtuozzo license loader.

Container migration utilities allow you to migrate Containers between Hardware Nodes or within one Hardware Node:


Utility for migrating Containers to another Hardware Node.


Utility for the local cloning or moving of the Containers.


Utility for migrating physical servers to Containers on the Hardware Node.

Container backup utilities allow you to back up and restore the Container private areas, configuration files, and quota information:


Utility to back up Containers and to store them either on a local Node or on a special Backup Node.


Utility to restore Containers backed up by using the vzabackup utility.


Utility to suspend and resume the Container activity during the backup operation.

Template management utilities allow you to create new templates, install them on the Hardware Node, and perform various operations on them:


Utility to get a list of templates available on the Hardware Node and in Containers.


Utility to install/remove OS and application templates on/from the Hardware Node.


Utility to add a new application template to a Container.


Utility to remove a template from a Container.

Supplementary utilities perform a number of tasks and are used by other Virtuozzo utilities:


Utility to create the Service Container on the Hardware Node.


Utility to show the Hardware Node ID.


Utility to cache common files across Containers.


Utility to list the directories created by vzcache.


Utility to detach a Container from its cache and copy the cached files back to the Container private area.

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Licensing Utilities

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