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This command is used to configure and see disk quota statistics for Containers. vzctl uses vzquota internally to configure Container quotas and you usually do not have to use vzquota except for checking the current quota statistics. The syntax of vzquota command is as follows:

vzquota [--quiet | --verbose] [-b] setlimit CT_ID -B num \

[--drive name]

vzquota [--quiet | --verbose] [-b] stat CT_ID

vzquota [--quiet | --verbose] [-b] show CT_ID

vzquota --help

General options available to all vzquota commands are:


Verbose mode. Causes vzquota to print debugging messages about its progress. You can give up to two v switches to increase verbosity.


Quiet mode. Causes all warning and diagnostic messages to be suppressed. Only fatal errors are displayed.


Displays the usage information and exits.


Sets the batch mode.

vzquota understands the following commands:


Allows you to change the quota limits for the running quota.


Shows quota statistics for the running quota.


Shows quota usage from the quota file.

In This Section

vzquota setlimit

vzquota stat and vzquota show

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