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Expand Virtuozzo Containers Philosophy
Collapse Operations on Containers
   Expand Creating New Container
   Expand Configuring Container
    Starting, Stopping, Restarting, and Querying Status of Container
    Listing Containers
    Setting Name for Container
    Storing Extended Information on Container
   Collapse Migrating Container
       Standard Migration
       Zero-Downtime Migration
       Enabling Container Migration from 3.x to 4.0 Hardware Nodes
    Moving Container Within Hardware Node
    Copying Container Within Hardware Node
   Expand Backing Up and Restoring Containers
   Expand Reinstalling Container
    Deleting Container
    Disabling Container
    Suspending Container
    Running Commands in Container
Expand Managing Resources
Expand Real-Time Monitoring in Parallels Virtuozzo Containers
Expand Managing Services and Processes
Expand Managing Virtuozzo Network
Expand Managing Hardware Nodes
Expand Keeping Your Virtuozzo System Up-to-Date
Expand Compatibility With Previous Versions of Virtuozzo Containers
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Expand Mastering Parallels Management Console
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