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Managing Hardware Node Resources Parameters

Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 allows you to configure a number of resource management parameters defining the amount of resources to be allocated to the Hardware Node (also known as Container 0). These parameters include all standard UBC parameters (VMGUARPAGES, KMEMSIZE, OOMGUARPAGES, etc.) as well as the ONBOOT parameter.

You can edit any of these parameters in the /etc/vz/conf/0.conf file on the Hardware Node by means of your favorite text editor (for example, vi or emacs) or by using the vzctl set command and specifying 0 as the Container ID. For example:

# vzctl set 0 --kmemsize 12211840:14359296 --save

Saved parameters for Container 0

This command sets both the barrier and limit values of unswappable kernel memory (in bytes) which can be allocated to internal kernel structures of the processes on the Node. The specified parameter values will be in force until the Hardware Node restart. If you wish these values to be applied to the Node on its next booting, you should additionally set the ONBOOT parameter in the /etc/vz/conf/0.conf file to yes. This can be done in one of the following ways:

Note: Detailed information on all resource parameters that can be changed in respect of your Hardware Node is provided in the Parallels Virtuozzo Containers Reference Guide.

If you have made a number of changes to Hardware Node resource management parameters and wish to reset them to the values specified in the /etc/vz/conf/0.conf file, you can proceed as follows:

# vzctl set 0 --reset_ub

UBC limits were set successfully

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