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Moving Container Within Hardware Node

The vzmlocal utility allows you to move Containers within your Hardware Node. Moving a Container within one and the same Hardware Node consists in changing the Container ID and its private area and root paths. So, you may use vzmlocal to change the ID of the corresponding Container only or to additionally modify its private area and root path.

Let us assume that you wish to change the ID of your Container from 101 to 111 and modify its private area and root paths from /vz/private/101 to /vz/private/my_dir and from /vz/root/101 to /vz/root/ct111, respectively. To this effect, you should execute the following command on the Hardware Node:

# vzmlocal 101:111:/vz/private/my_dir:/vz/root/ct111

Moving/copying Container#101 -> Container#111,

[/vz/private/my_dir], [/vz/root/ct111] ...


Successfully completed

To check if Container 101 has been successfully moved to Container 111, you can use the following commands:

# vzlist -a


1 43 running localhost

111 - stopped myContainer

# ls /vz/private

1 my_dir

# ls /vz/root

1 ct111

As can be seen from the example above, the ID of Container 101 has been changed to 111, its private area is now located in the /vz/private/my_dir directory on the Node, and the path to its root directory is /vz/root/ct111.

Notes: 1. You may perform a number of moving operations by a single invocation of the vzmlocal utility.

2. You may run the vzmlocal utility on both running and stopped Containers.

In Parallels Management Console, you can move Containers within your Hardware Node with the help of the Move Container wizard. To invoke the wizard, select the Virtuozzo Containers item under the corresponding Hardware Node name, right-click the Container you wish to change the ID of, and select Tasks -> Move Container on the context menu. You will be asked by the wizard to complete a number of tasks:

  1. On the first step, you are to choose between two options:
  2. If you choose the first option, you should specify a new ID for the corresponding Container on the second step of the wizard. Please note that the old ID for this Container will be lost and all Container private data will be transferred to the /vz/private/<new_CT_ID> directory, where <new_CT_ID> denotes the new ID assigned to the Container (e.g. /vz/private/111 for Container 111).
  3. Next, you will presented with the Set New Container Root and Private Area Paths window:

    Management Console - Moving Container Within Hardware Node

    This window is displayed in one of the following cases:

  4. On the last step of the Move Container wizard, you can review the settings made by you on the previous steps. Click the Finish button to begin the moving process. This process may take some time, so be sure to wait for it to complete.

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