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Moving/copying a Container within one and the same Hardware Node consists in changing/adding the Container ID, private area, and root paths. Thus, you may use the vzmlocal utility either to change the ID and/or the private area path and/or the root path of any existing Container(s) or to clone a Container, i.e. to create a complete copy of an existing Container with different ID and paths. It has the following syntax:

vzmlocal <source_CT_ID>[:<dest_CT_ID> \

[:<dest_private>[:dest_root]] [...]

vzmlocal -C <source_CT_ID>:<dest_CT_ID> \

[:<dest_private>[:dest_root]] [...]

vzmlocal -h

The options are the following:


Display the utility help.


Clone the source Container instead of moving it.

You should specify the source Container ID (<source_CT_ID>) and the destination Container ID (<dest_CT_ID>). Specifying the destination Container private area path (<dest_private>) and root path (<dest_root>) is optional; it allows you to override the default paths - /vz/private/<dest_CT_ID> and /vz/root/<dest_CT_ID>, correspondingly.

Notes: 1. You may perform a number of copying/moving operations by a single invocation of the vzmlocal utility.

2. You may run the vzmlocal utility on both running and stopped Containers.

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