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This utility creates a tarball (cache) for OS templates. You should run this utility before you can use a newly installed OS template for creating Containers. It has the following syntax:

vzpkgcache [options] [PKGSET [/VERSION]]

This utility checks the configuration files of all the templates installed on the Hardware Node and if it finds an OS template for which no tar archive exists, it starts installing all packages listed in the configuration file and creates an archive at the end. This allows to greatly speed up the creation of new Containers: instead of installing all the packages comprising a Linux distribution, vzctl just unpacks the archive.

Normally you run vzpkgcache without any options. However, it understands the following options:

-t, --tmpldir, --template <dir>

Allows you to specify a directory where to look for templates. By default, the $TEMPLATE directory from the global Virtuozzo configuration file (/etc/vz/vz.conf) is used.

-l, --logfile <file>

Specifies the log file location. By default, /var/log/vzpkgcache.log is used.

--tmpdir <dir>

The directory where to keep intermediate files. By default, /vz/tmp is used.

-r, --remove

Remove the cache for the templates specified in the command line (PKGSET/VERSION). This option requires an explicit list of package sets (with or without version), i.e. there is no default action to remove all archives.

-q, --quiet

Quiet mode: the progress bar is turned off.

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