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This utility is used to add an application template or an OS template update to a Container. It has the following syntax:

vzpkgadd [options] <CT_ID> <template>[/<version>] ...

This command will add a template (<template>) to the Container with the ID of <CT_ID>. The <version> parameter specifies the template version to use if there are available upgrades; by default, the latest available version is used.

You may specify a number of templates for adding to a Container. It can be useful, for example, if the templates have complex interdependencies. The vzpkgadd utility handles these dependencies automatically.

Options available to this command are:

-h, --help

Display the usage information and exit.

-q, --quiet

Suppress warning messages and progress bar.

-v, --verbose

Verbose mode.

-f, --force

Force template installation. This option tells Container package manager to disregard unresolved dependencies and file conflicts with other packages installed in the Container. In case of RPM-based Containers, this option is translated into -–nodeps -–force switches of RPM invocation. It is not recommended to use this option since it could break consistency of package manager database inside the Container.

-j, --jump

If there are several available version of the template, vzpkgadd will install the version specified on the command line and all intermediate versions. This option allows you to bypass installation of intermediate versions.

A Container has to be running in order to apply a template or template upgrade to it.

Note: The Virtuozzo version for the 64-bit processors allows you to add only 64-bit application templates to your Containers.

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