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This utility is used for Virtuozzo templates creation. It has the following syntax:

vzpkgcreat [-q] [options] <basedir> <pkgs_list>

vzpkgcreat [-q] p <pkg_dir> <conffile>

If you specify the q option, warnings are suppressed. In the first form, vzpkgcreat will create a template configuration file for you. The second form is used when you prefer to prepare template configuration file manually. In that case, you must specify where to look for packages described in the template configuration file using the p, --package-dir option. Note that the second form takes only two options.

Below all arguments to vzpkgcreat are described:

-h, --help

Displays a help message.

-q, --quiet

Suppress warning messages.


Full path to the template configuration file. Required only if you are creating a template for which you prepared configuration file manually.

-p DIR, --packages-directory=DIR

Directory where to search for the packages used in the template. This option is needed and can be used only when template configuration file is used.


Template base directory. You shall specify the directory relative to the $TEMPLATE variable (normally /vz/template) from the global Virtuozzo configuration file.


Path to one or more packages to be included into the template. Multiple packages are separated with a space.

-b, --base-version

When this option is omitted, vzpkgcreat will create a template upgrade. You have to pass this option when creating new OS or application template.

-c, --cached

Specify this option if the new template shall be an OS template.

-s SETS, --compatible-sets=SETS

Used for application templates only. Allows you to specify which OS templates your application is compatible with.

-n NAME --name=NAME

Template short description. If this option is omitted "Template <basedir> created on YYYYMMDD" is used by default.


The version of the template. By default, the current date is used.

-d TEXT --description=TEXT

Template description. There is no default.

-o DIR, --output-directory=DIR

Directory to write created template. If omitted package manager defaults is used. For default Red Hat Linux installation, this directory is /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386.

-x CONFIG, --hspc-config=CONFIG

The path to the HSPcomplete template description file to include into the template. This option is needed only if the template is planned to use with the HSPcomplete solution.

Note: vzpkgcreat is part of the vzpkgtools-build package shipped with Virtuozzo Containers 4.0. This package is located in the /virtuozzo/RPMS directory of your Virtuozzo Containers distribution and is not installed by default during the Virtuozzo Containers installation. So, before you can start using the vzpkgcreat utility, you should first install the vzpkgtools-build package on your Hardware Node with the rpm -i command.

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