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The vzpkgls utility lists templates installed on the Hardware Node or already installed into a particular Container. It has the following syntax:

vzpkgls [options] [<CT_ID>]

If you specify one or more Container IDs to this command, it lists templates applied to the Containers. Without the <CT_ID> argument, the utility lists the templates available for Containers on the Hardware Node. Other options available to the vzpkgls command are listed below:

-q, --quiet

Suppress warning messages.

-s, --separate

By default vzpkgls outputs template and all its updates on a single line separated by a space. This option changes output and prints a separate line for each available version of the template in the form of <name>/<version>.

-c, --cached

This option has no effect if the <CT_ID> argument is given. If used for listing templates available on the Hardware Node, this option makes vzpkgls omit the OS templates for which cache has not been created by running vzpkgcache. In other words, with this option on, vzpkgls will list only the templates ready to be used for the Container creation.

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