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vzquota setlimit

This command updates limits for the running quota. It requires at least one limit to be specified. It also updates the corresponding quota file with new settings. The syntax of this command is:

vzquota [options] setlimit <CT_ID> [command-options]

Command options can be:

-u, --ugid-limit num

Optional. Specifies the maximum number of user and group IDs for which usage statistics will be counted in this Container. If this value is 0, user/group quota will not be accounted. Default value is 0.

-b, --block-softlimit num
-B, --block-hardlimit
-e, --block-exptime
-i, --inode-softlimit
-I, --inode-hardlimit
-n, --inode-exptime

These options are optional for the vzquota on command. However, at least one of these options or -u, --ugid-limit num must be specified. These options are described in the vzquota init subsection.

-c quota_file

Optional. Specifies the file where to write output of the counted disk space and inodes as well as limits. If omitted, the default /var/vzquota/quota.<CT_ID> file is used.

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