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The vzlist utility is used to list the Containers existing on the given Hardware Node together with additional information about these Containers. The output and sorting of this information can be customized as needed. The utility has the following syntax:

vzlist [-a] [-S] [-o parameter[.specifier] \

[,parameter[.specifier]...]] [-s [-]parameter[.specifier]] \

[-H] [-h hostname_pattern] [CT_ID ...] [-n] [-N name_pattern] \

[CT_ID [CT_ID ...]|-1]

vzlist -L

Here follows the description of available options:



-a, --all

Lists all the Containers existing on the Node. By default, only running Containers are shown.

-S, --stopped

Lists only stopped Containers.

-o parameter[.specifier]

This option is used to display only particular information about the Containers. The parameters and their specifiers that can be used after the -o option are listed in the following subsection. To display a number of parameters in a single output, they should be separated with commas, as is shown in the synopsis above.

-s, --sort


Sorts the Containers in the list by the specified parameter. If "-" is given before the name of the parameter, the sorting order is reversed.

-h, --hosthame


Displays only those Containers that correspond to the specified hostname pattern. The following wildcards can be used: *,?, and [].

Note: the last wildcard should be escaped to avoid shell interpretation.

-H, --no-header

Do not display column headers.


Displays only the Container with the specified ID. Several Container IDs separated with a space can be specified. If -1 is given as the Container ID, the utility lists only IDs of the Containers existing on the Node, with no additional information.

-n, --name

If used without any parameters, displays information on all the Containers on the Node together with their names. If you indicate the Container ID after this option, displays information including the Container name on the specified Container only.

-N, --name_filter name_pattern

Displays only the Container that corresponds to the specified name pattern.

-i, --netif <interface_name>

Displays the Container whose veth virtual Ethernet interface name on the Hardware Node corresponds to the specified name pattern.

-d, --description

Displays only the Container whose description corresponds to the specified pattern.

-L, --list

Lists all the parameters available to be used with the -o option.

In This Section

vzlist Output Parameters and Their Specifiers

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