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The vzmtemplate utility is used to migrate the installed OS and application standard templates and OS EZ templates from the Source Node to the Destination Node. It has the following syntax:

vzmtemplate [-bhz] [--ssh=<ssh_options>]

<[user_name@]Destination_HN_IP_Address> template_name ...

The following options can be used with vzmtemplate:



-z, --eztempl

Migrates the specified OS EZ template(s) installed on the Source Node. Without this option specified, vzmtemplate moves standard OS and application templates.


Additional ssh options to be used while connecting to the Destination Node.

-b, --batch

This option should be passed to vzmtemplate in scripts if you are going to use these scripts for running the vzmtemplate utility and do not wish them to analyze the vzmtemplate command output.

-h, --help

Displays the utility usage and exits.

To migrate a template, you should execute the vzmtemplate command on the Source Node and pass the corresponding options to it. During its execution, the utility will try to connect to the Destination Node with the IP address of Destination_HN_IP_Address and move the specified template(s) to this Node. By default, vzmtemplate logs in to the Destination Node as root and asks you for the password of this user. However, you can make the utility use other credentials to log in to the Destination Node by appending the corresponding user name with the @ symbol to the Node IP address (e.g. user1@ Please keep in mind that the specified user should have the root privileges; otherwise, the command will fail.

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