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vzquota setlimit2

This command updates the second-level quota parameters for the running quota. It updates the corresponding quota file with new settings. The syntax of this command is:

vzquota [options] setlimit <CT_ID> [command-options]

You can use the following command options with vzquota setlimit2:

-u, --ugid-limit num

Optional. Specifies the maximum number of user and group IDs for which usage statistics will be counted in this Container. If this value is 0, user/group quota will not be accounted. Default value is 0.

-b, --block-softlimit num
-B, --block-hardlimit
-e, --block-exptime
-i, --inode-softlimit
-I, --inode-hardlimit
-n, --inode-exptime

These options are optional for the vzquota on command. These options are described in the vzquota init subsection.

-c quota_file

Optional. Specifies the file where to write output of the counted disk space and inodes as well as limits. If omitted, the default /var/vzquota/quota.<CT_ID> file is used.

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