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vzpkg remove cache

This command removes the cache for the OS EZ templates specified. It has the following syntax:

vzpkg remove cache [options] [<OS_template> [...]]

You can use the following options with this command:



-d, --debug

Sets the debugging level to one of the specified values (from 0 to 10). 10 is the highest debug level and 0 sets the debug level to its minimal value.

-q, --quiet

Disables logging to the screen and to the log file.

By default, vzpkg remove cache deletes all caches located in the /vz/template/cache directory on the Hardware Node. However, you can explicitly indicate what OS EZ template tar archive is to be removed by specifying its name as <OS_template>.

Note: The OS EZ template caches having the -old suffix are not removed from the /vz/template/cache directory. You should use the -rm command to delete these caches from the Hardware Node.

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