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vzpkg remove

This command is used to remove an application EZ template or a software package from a Container. It has the following syntax:

vzpkg remove [options] <CT_ID>|<CT_NAME> <object> [...]

This command will remove an object (object) which can be either an application EZ template or a standard software package (if the -p option is specified) installed with the vzpkg install command from the Container with the ID of CT_ID or with the name of <CT_NAME>. You may specify a number of objects for removing.

The options available to this command are:



-p, --package

Removes the specified package(s) from the Container.

-w, --with-depends

Removes also the packages having dependencies with the object specified.

-f, --force

Forces the EZ template/package deletion.

-n, --check-only

Simulates the same operations as vzpkg remove completes without specifying this option (handles interdependencies of the packages to be removed from the Hardware Node, etc.); however, the packages themselves are not deleted from the specified Container(s).

-d, --debug

Sets the debugging level to one of the specified values (from 0 to 10). 10 is the highest debug level and 0 sets the debug level to its minimal value.

-q, --quiet

Disables logging to the screen and to the log file.

By default, the specified object is treated by vzpkg remove as an application EZ template. However, you can use the -p option to explicitly specify that the object should be considered as a software package.

Note: A Container has to be running in order to remove an application EZ template/package from it.

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